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Upload logs to VMware Support via Skyline

Most often when my TAM customer raises a SR to VMware Support, they would required to upload logs either vCenter or ESXi log bundle for analysis as requested by TSE. In the past, one would need to generate the vCenter or ESXi diagnotics log bundle, download to their desktop and later upload to VMware Support FTP site. There are several ways to upload logs to VMware Support, you can follow this KB.

However, there are certain times where the uploaded logs may become corrupted, incomplete or the logs has been rotated. This could delay the analysis especially when production was impacted and customer management demands to know what causes the issue.

I always educate my customer who has adopted VMware Skyline to use Log Assist to speed up logs upload or transfer to VMware Support. Firstly, customer will need to raise a SR ticket through VMware Customer Connect portal. Once the SR is opened, customer can go into Skyline, select Log Assist, pick the correct SR that just opened, select the host or vCenter and then initiate Log transfer. This is fairly straight forward and easy way to upload logs to VMware Support. Customer don’t have to download and upload from their desktop. This will help to reduce time and prevent logs from getting rotated if delayed.

VMware Skyline Log Assist

In summary, for customer who has adopted Skyline, here is a quick and easy way to upload logs into SR when requested by VMware Support TSE. Here are the steps:

You can upload logs via Skyline:

  1. Users must have rights to upload logs to Skyline. You can refer to this KB on what are the rights needed.
  2. Login to Skyline using your ID (the ID you used to raise SR). We should be using individual ID instead of common DL.
  3. From Skyline, select Log Assist.
  4. Under Initiate Log Transfer, the SR number raised should be listed.  There could be multiple SRs opened. Select the correct SR number and click Next.
  5. From there, browse to the host (like vSphere Client), select the host and click Next. You can select multiple hosts, if required.
  6. Skyline will then upload the logs into the SR. Wait for it to finish.
  7. When done, please screen shot and reply to the SR email informing the logs have been uploaded.
Sample: Logs uploaded
Sample: Log Assist status

For those who have not sign-up with VMware Skyline, please talk to your VMware Accounts team or TAM. This is just one of the key features provided by VMware Skyline.

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