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vCenter 7 Upgrade – Post Upgrade Issue

Continue from the previous post on vCenter 7 upgrade, after VCSA was upgraded, we ran into an issue when users try to edit VM and the following error appears:

A general system error occured. PBM error occured during PreReconfigureCallBack. Fault cause

We ran vSphere Diagnostic Tool to check on the health of vCenter. We downloaded the tool from Fling site and run the following command to check on vCenter:

python –force

It reported some issues on service registrations with Lookup Service. This brings us to Lookup Service Doctor or lsdoctor in short. We downloaded the tool from the KB. We ran the following command to check on the Lookup Service.

python -l

The output suggested to rebuild Lookup Service registrations. We then run the following command:

python -r

Select option 2 to Replace all services with new services

Once completed, we restart all vCenter services:

service-control –stop –all && service-control –start –all

After services restarted, the error disappeared. Hope this post helps you when you have the same issue.

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